Saturday, January 23, 2010

Online Book Rental


I'm not really into a book person except if I'm interested on something that i want to read.
But if your studying or a book lover this is perfect for you.  its really convenient and you don't have to go to library and we all know buying books are expensive too.It will save you money just to rent a book and what i like about it is you can rent a books unlimited and they covered all the shipping cost both ways .My husband is doing another college courses its very convenient for him to rent a book online specially he is busy working as well, definitely I'm going to recommend this to him. check out the Gift Card      

BookSwim is the first online book rental library service lending you paperbacks, hardcovers and now college textbooks Netflix®-style directly to your house, without the need to purchase. They stock all the latest bestsellers, new releases, and classics! Read your books as long as you want - no late fees! Even choose to purchase and keep the books you love!Don't forget to check out this,
They offer a great Valentines Days gift membership deal for your love ones  starting $23.95. Its a great perfect gift this coming valentines days. 

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