Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Sean was so happy last christmas well just because he got a lot of presents from my family and hubby's side.
specially my mother and father in law which is normal for a grandpa and grandma to give a lot of special gift to their grandson and granddaughter. My  mother in law is love to shop, she is such a  kind person.most of the time that we were there we had a shopping bonding moment with my step daughter and mother in law lolzz...
it was a great christmas even hubby and sean got sick a while. my hubby hates south florida which opposites of me i love over there , the reason why he hates south florida bacause he had a bad allergy in all  plants in south florida he get sick everytime we go there, and its funny because he was born and raised in south florida.
Its been a while i didn't post something new here i just don't feel good for past few days..I'm looking forward this year.

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