Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Purpose Driven Life

For a past few days I've been reading a book about THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE by RICK WARREN.I got this book from our local church, Our leader minister is really encourage us and help us about how to grown as a spiritual believer,that is why everyone in our church have this book and We learn about 40 days Purpose.I just wanna share about this book and what i learn for past 40 days in our church.All of us always ask WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR? All of us want to matter,we want to know why we exist and what the meaning of this crazy life really is without God Life makes no sense.This book is a guide to a 40 day spiritual journey that will enable you to discover the answer to life's most important question:what on earth am i here for?.I've learn that having this perspective will reduce your stress,simplify your decisions, increase your satisfaction and most important prepare us for eternity.
My husband and i are really believe that all of us has purpose in life and we are made by God and for God. We should all understand that LIFE will never make sense. We shouldn't focusing on ourselves because it will never reveal our life's purpose.
Who ever read this i encourage you to buy this book you can find this in any books store and even online.Maybe this book is what your looking for to help you understand and answer all your questions.My family looks in life changes ,we more understand about life with God and we grown much as a spiritual believer.
As a children of the Lord we always must serve and share what we've learn.

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