Tuesday, November 17, 2009

food that i crave:



I'm a house wife that is why i always crave and  i always cook; i love to cook always for my family i tried my best to give them healthy food as i can.My husband like most of the filipino food and I'm so glad that he is not picky eater,my son is the most picky eater among us he likes most pasta food. I'm always having a hard time when it comes to feed my son, its hard to give him a balance meal like vegies with some meats. My son is almost 2 and this the ages they called terrible 2.
 Being away from pinas its really tough for me , i missed the old days over there, i missed my family & friends.
But being with my husband and my son its all worth it.


  1. Ginutom naman ako dito sa post mo! Favorite ko ang adobong pusit!

  2. ayyy! kalami ba aning tanan woi! atot!..hhehe