Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First year of being married

The first year of being married was hard and exciting, i can say we had a lot of adjustment to each other
We are like getting to know each other every month , looking out for each other weaknesses and trying to understand each other if something has misunderstanding. When i met my husband he is very a shy person he don't really talk much but he is very passionate .He is a type of a person what we call ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Our first year of married is very exciting like other people we all experience differences of one another but it is depend how we carry on it. I can say I'm very impatience and my husband is very stubborn but even with those differences we know how to deal with each other. We always say each other ''SORRY'' if one of us has fault. I've learn a lot since i got married for me i became more matured and i became more responsible. I always said to my husband that I'm not only his wife I'm also his Best friend  , We experiences some problems but we always talk to each other how to solve it.
There is no perfect couple in the world we all know that there is always something that we struggle.
One thing i only know ''honesty'' is the key of relationship.

In the other half of the story, we had our son sean in the first year of being married and that is the biggest challenge in our life. We all know raising a child is very hard ,this is also a test on us how to raise our son because sometimes there have things that we do not agree each other when it comes to our son. But i know that this is a part of being married and as a parent as well and i can say it's very challenging for both of us.My husband and i has very good relationship and we are also spiritual partners in Christ. We always put God as our center of our marriage and We pray for each other. I always pray to God that he will guide us all the way.


  1. Hi Angel, first of all, thank you for joining our Couple's Corner Meme this week. And yes, this is every Wednesday only.

    You were right when you say that the first year of being married was the most difficult to deal with in our married life. This the stage where you will get to know each other, tiem when you have to accept one's fault and flaws. This is the time when you would show who you really are. But, marriage is a two way street, and a give and take situation. Compromise is also a key. Mahirap mag adjust, pero kapag n atanggap mo ang good and bad side ng hubby mo, then everything will fall into places. Ganon naman di ba? di mo naman makikilala ang tao hangga't di mo nakakasama sa bahay.

    I am so glad that it worked best for you both. And most of all, God is always there to guide you on your marriage. so happy too that you can adjust to motherhood really well.

    Take care and I hope to see again next week.

    Mom of Four a.ka. RodLiz of RodLiz Nest

  2. Yap..its normal dear! and you are right when you depends how you carry the situation:) it really takes TWO to tango:)

    Godbless you both!

  3. I agree.. SORRY is one great word we should all learn to say. and HONESTY is one trait we all have to learn.. have a nice day! see you again next wednesday! =)

  4. the first year of marriage is the most challenging, and yet the sweetest of all. Looking back, i cherish those times that our love for each other was tested by petty quarrels, i think difficulty like that makes the relationship stronger.

    Im totally with you when you said God should be the centre of our marriage, well if not we wouldn't be successful..

    Have a great weekend gurl.

  5. Tama ka na dapat ang Diyos ang nasa gitna ng buhay nyo dahil sya yung talagang makakatulong satin ano man ang problemang dumaan. By the way, thanks for following my blog. I added you to my bloglist and will surely visit you here from time to time.