Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why does the fire stay a simple diameter?

Picture lover


 We always going out of town specially we always visit my sister and my husband family. For me Camera is the best thing that they invention, i love taking pictures all the time. Taking Pictures is always a treasure for me that capture memories that always remind me. But we always want a good picture as well to post online. That's why Xshot! is offering a essential camera accessorry for you its a telescopic camera extender that allows you to photograph and video your self with a nice background with no help to others. For as low $24.95
It's benefit for all compact digital camera:

Fun and easy to use!

Eliminate awkward photos taken at arms length

Capture full background and scenery

Freedom to take a picture anywhere without
asking a stranger

With the XShot it looks like someone else took
the picture

Take pictures from unique angles

Easy film making for online videos and journals

Make videos with 3D effect


It's  great for most everything and they offer also  xshot iphone case, xshot kayak mount and pocket xshot.

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Online Book Rental


I'm not really into a book person except if I'm interested on something that i want to read.
But if your studying or a book lover this is perfect for you.  its really convenient and you don't have to go to library and we all know buying books are expensive too.It will save you money just to rent a book and what i like about it is you can rent a books unlimited and they covered all the shipping cost both ways .My husband is doing another college courses its very convenient for him to rent a book online specially he is busy working as well, definitely I'm going to recommend this to him. check out the Gift Card      

BookSwim is the first online book rental library service lending you paperbacks, hardcovers and now college textbooks Netflix®-style directly to your house, without the need to purchase. They stock all the latest bestsellers, new releases, and classics! Read your books as long as you want - no late fees! Even choose to purchase and keep the books you love!Don't forget to check out this,
They offer a great Valentines Days gift membership deal for your love ones  starting $23.95. Its a great perfect gift this coming valentines days. 

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movies to watch


My family love to watch movies. We always go out to just to watch our favorite movies
but doing this is cost money all the time.It always nice just to watch inside the house and no hassle at all and i don't have to drive at all. That is why few months ago we subscribe to Netflix so we can order or watch instantly our favorite movies in our television .And we love it specially on our little one there is a lot a kids movie and all i need just go online and choose what movie i want.But don't forget to have this ROKU Digital Video Player its instantly streams High quality movies from netflix and amazon video On Demand from the internet directly to your television. It's very easy to set  it up and intuitive to use. The player is also compact.
We all love it very convenient for my family it help a lot just to watch our favorite movie right away.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

great movies

I was so lucky before the end of 2009 i had a chance to watch this great movie .
the AVATAR movie was awesome the best movie for me.We watch it dec. 27 with hubby,brother in law and my step daughter and we all like it. It was a 3D  movie it was expensive but definitely it was all worth it.
you have a choices to watch it they have 2D and 3D of a choice. I cannot wait when it come out to Blue-ray or Dvd definitely going to buy a copy.

We watch also this new movie with my brother in law and my step daughter. It was a good movie too.
I can say we loved to watch movies.


Sean was so happy last christmas well just because he got a lot of presents from my family and hubby's side.
specially my mother and father in law which is normal for a grandpa and grandma to give a lot of special gift to their grandson and granddaughter. My  mother in law is love to shop, she is such a  kind person.most of the time that we were there we had a shopping bonding moment with my step daughter and mother in law lolzz...
it was a great christmas even hubby and sean got sick a while. my hubby hates south florida which opposites of me i love over there , the reason why he hates south florida bacause he had a bad allergy in all  plants in south florida he get sick everytime we go there, and its funny because he was born and raised in south florida.
Its been a while i didn't post something new here i just don't feel good for past few days..I'm looking forward this year.

i feel sick

Its been a while since i post something new here in my blog, its just i haven't feel good for past few weeks i feel sick somehow.We just got back last jan. 1 from our vacation and we had a great time with my family side and my hubby's family as well.
christmas is always a great holiday for us.